Food analysis: Peroxide number

Determination of the peroxide value (blue = titration curve, pink = ERC)

The peroxide number gives information about the number of peroxide compounds in the oil and hence of the age and quality of the edible oil. The lower the peroxide numbers the better and/or newer the oil.

The Food/Beverage Titrino plus offers you the complete package for all conventional analyses in food analysis. In addition to the more than 100 determination methods described in detail, you also receive the accessories for your titrations. Including USB thermal printer Neo’s.

The Metrohm Application Bulletin 141/4 e describes the following analytical methods for edible oils and fats:

  • Water content according to Karl Fischer
  • Oxidation stability – Rancimat method
  • Iodine value
  • Peroxide value
  • Saponification value
  • Acid value, free fatty acids (FFA)
  • Hydroxyl value
  • Nickel traces, using polarography

Special care was taken to avoid chlorinated solvents in these methods. Also as many methods as possible were automated.

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