Metrohm acquires majority of DropSens

DropSens is a leading company in miniaturized electrochemistry providing Screen Printed Electrodes and portable potentiostats/galvanostats. DropSens designs, develops, and manufactures Electrochemiluminescence based instruments and equipments dealing with hyphenated UV/VIS, NIR and Raman Spectroelectrochemical techniques. DropSens is an ISO9001 and ISO13485 certified company for the ‘Manufacturing of sensors for medical devices’.

The Switzerland-based Metrohm AG is pleased to announce the acquisition of the majority of share in DropSens S.L. The acquisition comes after a longer period of successful cooperation between the two companies in the development of screen-printed electrodes and portable electrochemical instrumentation.

With the acquisition of DropSens, Metrohm benefits from the know-how and resources of a technology leader in miniaturized electrochemistry, consolidating the company’s strategic move to extend the Metrohm solution portfolio to next generation electrochemical sensors and portable potentiostats/galvanostats.

While the company name «DropSens» will change with the acquisition to «Metrohm DropSens», the Spain-based company will continue to design, develop and produce their electrochemical technology in Asturias (Spain) and will become part of Metrohm Electrochemistry business. All Metrohm DropSens products are available in Thailand at Metrohm Siam Ltd.

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