Analysis of food samples by means of ion chromatography

Analysis of food samples by means of ion chromatography

As an analytical technique ion chromatography (IC) has experienced an impressive surge in popularity due to the simplicity and robustness of the method, improved reliability and the wide range of available columns, detectors and applications.

If a difficult food sample such as dairy products is run on an ion chromatograph (IC), there is a big chance that the column will be irretrievably wrecked. Of course, to avoid this a lot of time can be spent on tedious sample preparation steps to eliminate undesirable matrix components. Another option is to go for an automated compact stopped-flow dialysis system that provides optimum separation while protecting the column from detrimental compounds.

As an analytical technique ion chromatography (IC) has experienced an impressive surge in popularity due to the simplicity and robustness of the method, improved reliability and the wide range of available columns, detectors and applications. For a sample in a homogeneous ionic form, very little sample preparation is required and results can be obtained within a matter.

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