Water and wastewater analysis – Process safety through online analysis

Water and wastewater analysis – Process safety through online analysis

Within the context of quality control and risk assessment there is a need in the water laboratory for fast and cost-effective instruments and methods that can cope with the ever more complex spectrum of harmful substances, the increasing throughput of samples and the decreasing detection limits. This brochure presents instruments and systems you can use to monitor the composition of the water.

Environmental parameters in the wastewater sector

Customized quality control of water samples Water is the source and basis of all life. It is essential for metabolism and is our most important foodstuff. As a solvent and transporting agent it carries not only the vital minerals and nutrients, but also, increasingly, harmful pollutants, which bioaccumulate in aquatic or terrestrial organisms.

Impurities can be found in almost any kind of water – natural and treated drinking water for process and cooling water to the water for use in the pharmaceutical and food manufacturing.

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