Fast IC: Drinking water analysis in three minutes

Fast IC: Drinking water analysis in three minutes

The wait is over – or at least much shorter!

Metrohm is pleased to present a range of new Application Notes (ANs) for accelerated ion analysis.

This is attained with short columns, relatively high flows and strong eluents.

“Fast IC” means accelerating ion chromatography using columns with higher than the usual flow rate and/or eluent concentration.

Applied to drinking water analysis this means: determining chloride, nitrate and sulfate within 3 minutes.

Download the free Metrohm Application Note below!

Metrohm Ion Chromatography

High uptimes, low operating costs, accurate results – This is what you get with our ion chromatography systems.

From routine IC analysis to research and development, from stand-alone analyzers to fully automated systems, find the right IC solution for your requirements here:

  • Ion chromatographs
  • Metrohm Inline Sample Preparation solutions
  • Columns for anion and cation analysis
  • Solutions for automated ion chromatography

3-year instrument warranty and 10-year warranty on our anion suppressor say it all about the robust Swiss quality of our ion chromatographs.

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