Water hardness analysis, lighten the workload

Water hardness analysis, lighten the workload

Improve your efficiency and reproducibility with automated titration.

Water hardness, the concentration of dissolved calcium and magnesium in water, while not of concern for health purposes, is still a very important component of water quality.

Hardness not a health risk, but …

Higher hardness in water results in scaling for industrial process, or more importantly, in the coffee pot. Again, not a health risk, scaling can cause blockages a generally make processes less efficient. Of course, for processes where calcium and magnesium need to be removed from process water, this task is also more onerous when using hard water.

From annoying to critical

High hardness also results in poor performance of soaps and detergents. This is annoying when showering in the morning, but critical when cleaning of instrumentation and production lines is required.

Titration does it

These quality issues make hardness one of the few non-health related water analyses to be tested regularly. Titration provides a cheap, rapid analysis and is recognised around the world as the standard for hardness. 

Metrohm’s OMNIS titration system provides automation of water analysis at a new level. Up to four analysis stations in one analytical system. Stations can be configured to individual analysis, or all put to the same use churning through enormous sample numbers in a short time.

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