Eco Titrator – new titration platform provides extraordinary value for money

Eco Titrator – new titration platform provides extraordinary value for money

Tougher regulations apply to ever more industries. Small manufacturers in particular are struggling with compliance. Metrohm supports these businesses with a new, highly affordable titration platform that helps them take their quality control to the next level.

Swiss Quality – at a remarkable price

Focusing on the needs of small manufacturers and institutions helped engineering an affordable stand-alone titrator without compromising on Swiss quality. Attention to detail make the Eco Titrator stand out in its segment.

Emphasis was put on the compact and robust design of the instrument. It is easily moved from one place to another – be it in the laboratory or next to the production line. Essential components are the same as in the high-end line of Metrohm titrators, notably the high resolution measuring input.

Reducing the risk of human errors

The Eco Titrator makes titration as easy and reliably as it should be: Users just have to select the required standard method on the instrument’s touch sensitive user interface, enter the sample data, and start the titration at the touch of a screen. The analysis is carried out automatically including GLP compliant documentation of results.

The perfect solution for many industries

From food & beverages to petrochemicals to water analysis and surface finishing – the Eco Titrator is an ideal solution for all potentiometric standard applications that are used in quality control by virtually all industries.

Local service and support available

Wherever they are based, users of the Eco Titrator can rely on local service and support provided by the global Metrohm sales organization with subsidiaries and agencies in 120 countries.

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