Sampling Guidelines for Handheld Raman Measurements: What You Need To Know

Sampling Guidelines for Handheld Raman Measurements; What You Need To Know

Rapid identification of solids, liquids and gasses

In recent years, Raman spectroscopy has seen increased adoption as the technique of choice for the rapid identification of materials; especially for

  • raw material identification in the pharmaceutical industry,
  • identification of controlled substances and explosives for security applications,
  • polymer material identification for packaging and plastics recycling,
  • and mineral and gemstone identification and authentication.

When customers are running samples in the field, we always recommend contemplating the location in which they want to measure the material.

Simple but effective tools

B&W Tek provides a set of simple but effective tools to allow you to obtain the best information for various analysis environments.

To analyze a plastic container and its content, it is possible to identify the plastic of the container itself with the Point and Shoot Adaptor and to identify the content by simply changing the shaft and the same accessories or using the bottle adaptor without the need to change the shaft.

These options are very simple but extremely effective.

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Learn more about the power of B&W Tek Raman and download the Application Note “Sampling Guidelines for Handheld Raman Measurements; What You Need To Know” from the link below.

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