Determination of Heroin in Street Drug Samples

Determination of Heroin in Street Drug Samples

Printable Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering (P-SERS) silver substrates were used with Metrohm Raman’s Mira DS handheld Raman analyzer to successfully detect heroin in 18 crude street heroin samples.

Detection of heroin with P-SERS was accomplished easily and very quickly, with minimal sample clean-up. Solvent studies were also implemented to determine the optimal solvent for crude sample extraction, with results included here.

A local forensic laboratory provided 18 samples of crude street heroin. The presence of heroin in each of the samples was previously confirmed with GC/MS. Each sample was light brown and powder or crystalline in form and ranged from 1–5 mg by weight.

ID. Kit for Mira DS

The ID. Kit contains all the components a Mira user requires to analyze a crude street sample and determine whether opioids are present. The kit contains a disposable spatula, a dropper, a small vial of solvent, and 2 silver P-SERS strips (Ag). The user simply scoops a small amount of the unknown sample into the vial of solvent and then either dip the P-SERS strip into the vial OR use the provided dropper to apply sample onto the strip. The ID. Kit allows the detection and identification of trace amounts of opioids, even in highly fluorescent street samples.

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