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Congratulations to Ms Runchana Chitamara, the winner of the Metrohm July 19 Quiz! Here are the correct answers from last month:

1) Autolab 2) Water content 3) Rancimat

Metrohm Siam August 2019 Quiz

Here are our 3 questions for the August Quiz:

(Tip: Follow the links in the questions to find the answers :D)

First question:

What technique does Metrohm use to measure the NPK in fertilizers?

a. Karl Fischer titration
b. Thermometric titration
c. Oxidation stability


What instrument does Metrohm recommend to measure heavy metals in the field?

b. Portable VA Analyzer
c. Autolab PGSTAT302N


Metrohm uses thermometric endpoint titrimetry (TET) for precise “…” determination in foodstuff.

a. Triglyceride
b. Calcium
c. Sodium chloride


Got the answers?

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May 2019 Quiz

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Note: This quiz closes on September 10, 2019, midnight Thailand time!


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