TitrIC flex II – the hyphenated IC and titration system for comprehensive anion and cation analysis

TitrIC Vario flex II – for complete analysis of anions and cations.

Fully automated: Temperature, conductivity, pH + titrimetric p and m

The Metrohm TitrIC Vario flex II is a fully automated system for direct measurement of temperature, conductivity, and pH value, as well as for titrimetric determination of p value and m value.

The cations (including calcium and magnesium) and anions are determined simultaneously with ion chromatography following Inline Ultrafiltration. Automatic calculation of the ion balance provides maximum confidence in the results.

The system is comprised of 856 Conductivity Module, two 800 Dosinos, Rod Stirrer “Sample Robot”, OMNIS Titrator, OMNIS Sample Robot S, one 930 Compact IC Flex Oven/Deg without suppression and one 930 Compact IC Flex Oven/SeS/PP/Deg with sequential suppression, with one IC conductivity connector each. The system is operated using the OMNIS and MagIC Net software packages.

TitrIC Vario – the power pack for ion analysis.

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