Sustainable Testing of Paint and Coatings

More strict regulations paired with more complex products have increased testing complexity in the paint and coating industry. Therefore, producers ask for more powerful, safe and sustainable analytical methods.

Testing by Vis-NIR spectroscopy is a sustainable and cost efficient alternative to many wet chemical methods. This white paper describes how Vis-NIR spectroscopy improves testing procedures for various analyses during the formulation and production of paint and coatings in an economic and ecological way.

Vis-NIR spectroscopy – A simple solution

The visible-near-infrared (Vis-NIR) technology is an established analytical method in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and food and feed industries. Its high precision and reliability have led to a continuous expansion to many different application fields. The high flexibility of Vis-NIR spectroscopy, which is reflected by its versatile uses in process analysis as an inline, online, at- line, and offline tool, has also contributed to this expansion.

Functionality of Vis-NIR spectroscopy

The measurement principle underlying Vis-NIR spectroscopy is based on a nondestructive interaction between light and matter. This interaction is used to determine various physical and chemical parameters within one measurement, which typically takes only a few seconds. The combination of visible and near-infrared light allows to determine information related to the color of the sample as well as information linked its chemical side groups.

Economical and ecological

Vis-NIR spectroscopy achieves a high throughput by detecting multiple parameters in a single measurement. In addition, it fulfills economical as well as ecological criteria. As sample preparation is required for neither liquid nor solid samples and analyses are nondestructive, the need for expensive auxiliary chemicals is eliminated while, at the same time, safety is improved and costs are reduced. Especially for the emerging field of powder coatings that are in better compliance with volatile organic compounds (VOC) regulations, Vis-NIR spectroscopy as a nondestructive, ready-to-use technique shows great promise.

Metrohm White Paper Sustainable Testing of Paint and Coatings WP-011

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