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Metrohm ECO IC Cation Package

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→ Straightforward, reliable analysis of anions, cations, and polar substances
→ Smart system monitoring to safeguard robust operation and reliable results
→ MagIC Net ion chromatography software in 16 languages
→ Readily available system automation for up to 36 samples

→ Small footprint to save space on your lab bench
→ Particularly suitable for water analysis and training

robust and reliable automated
water analysis system

Metrohm ECO IC Cation package offer

ECO IC Cation package benefits and specifications

Automated ion chromatography: save time and reduce work

Save time and reduce your workload with the Eco IC Package. With this solution, you will get an Eco IC combined with an 863 Compact IC Autosampler, complete with rack, vials, and caps. This will allow you to analyze up to 36 samples fully automatically.

Clean samples are crucial for water analysis: Automated Eco IC systems can be fitted with Inline Ultrafiltration, which removes particles from the sample.

What Eco IC offers you:
  • Small system for water analysis and education:
    Analyze anions, cations, and polar substances.
  • Everything you need at an attractive price:
    Software, suppressor, and detector included.
  • Swiss-made: High-quality, robust, and durable hardware and components.
  • Optional automation and Inline Ultrafiltration: Save time and reduce costs with automated analysis.
  • Intelligent IC: Intelligent components control and monitor processes and prevent errors.
Focusing on the essentials: anion and cation analysis made easy

The Eco IC is built for the routine analysis of anions, cations, and polar substances. It comes with all components you need for analysis: Suppressor, conductivity detector, and software are all included. It is therefore the ideal ion chromatography system for routine water analysis and for use in higher education. Typical analyses include:

  • Anions: chloride, nitrate, and sulfate
  • Cations: sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium