Eco Titrator
Introductory Offer 2019!

Metrohm Eco Titrator Package

*Offer ends December 31, 2019/Terms and condition apply

→ Compact, robust titrator
→ High precision and accurate results
→ Convenient, intuitive operation
→ GLP-compliant reporting and documentation

→ Swiss-made quality and unparalleled service and support from the world leader in titration

Eco Titrator: Reliably affordable

Metrohm Eco Titrator Introductory Offer

Eco Titrator Introductory Offer BENEFITS AND SPECIFICATIONS

Eco Titrator: Reliably affordable

You can’t compromise on quality, that’s for sure. And quality comes at a price. But that doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune.

We have put our decades of titration expertise into the new Eco Titrator while keeping the price low. The result is a titrator for all standard potentiometric titrations that is robust, precise, and affordable.

The titrator for everybody

The Eco Titrator offers everything that is needed to make your analysis easy, convenient, and reliable. Just select the required titration method, push Start, and the Eco Titrator takes care of the rest.

  • Easy and convenient thanks to touch display
  • Routine and expert mode to protect titration methods from modification
  • Direct keys for stirrer speed
Eco Titrator